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Autodesk Autocad - Complete 2D & 3D

Enroll Now for Autodesk AutoCAD course at Skillsthetic and learn practically with Industry Expert Trainer and build your career. We are recognized as the Best Institute for AutoCAD course in Panvel, Navi Mumbai.

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Autodesk is the parent organization of AutoCAD. Autodesk has many products but it is not wrong to say that AutoCAD is one of the most used products of Autodesk globally. AutoCAD is used in different engineering fields like Civil, Mechanical, Architecture, Electrical, Electronics, etc.
AutoCAD is the most powerful & the most popular AUTOMATIC COMPUTER AIDED Drafting Program. You can use AutoCAD to Design & Draft work projects. The main feature of AutoCAD is not only to create drawings but drawings with proper dimensions & scale.

Who Can Do This Course:

This course is intended for the students who are strongly interested in learning about designing and preparing 2D and 3D models. Beginners are welcome to join, even with no previous experience in designing. However, the candidate must be strongly motivated to learn. Having a basic knowledge of computer and mathermatics is a plus to grasp concepts quickly.

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Fastest way to grow your Career with the leader in Autocad, 3D Max, Revit

  • Starting & Closing AutoCAD
  • AutoCAD Interface Overview
  • Communicating With AutoCAD
  • Managing Your Drawing Files
  • Display Commands
  • View Magnification
  • ZOOM Window, ZOOM Previous, Scale
  • ZOOM Extents & Zoom Object, PAN in real time
  • Drawing Setup Overview
  • Understanding Units in AutoCAD
  • Use of UCS & Measurements
  • Applying Layers
  • Different Layers
  • On/off Filter
  • Frozen/thawed Filter
  • Locked/unlocked Filter
  • CAD Construction Techniques
  • Creating Text & Defining Styles
  • Creating & Modifying Text Styles
  • Orthographic & Polar Coordinates
  • Object Snap Overrides
  • Running Object Snaps
  • POLAR & Direct Distance Entry
  • Creating 2D Geometry
  • Creating LINE Objects
  • Creating CIRCLEs & ARCs
  • Introduction to LWPOLYLINEs
  • Creating & Using POINTs
  • ELLIPSEs & Creating Splines
  • Applying Background
  • Image to Trace
  • Plotting
  • Layout Management
  • Scale & Setting
  • Import & Exporting files of AutoCAD
  • Managing Properties BYLAYER
  • Line types & Drawing Scale
  • Making Block Definitions
  • Inserting Blocks & Drawing Files
  • Object Properties
  • Overriding BYLAYER Properties
  • Match Properties
  • Elevationg Objects
  • Selection Methods
  • Creating & Updating Repeated Elements
  • Dimensions For Distance
  • Angular Dimensions
  • Radial & Diameter Dimensions
  • Introduction To Dimension Styles
  • Editing Dimensions
  • Editing Existing HATCH Objects
  • Page Setup & Plotting
  • Creating New Layouts From Scratch
  • Freezing Layers in Viewports
  • Plot Styles
  • 3D Modeling concepts in Autocad
  • 3D Co-ordinate Systems
  • Usage of Viewpoints & UCS
  • Materials, Light and Rendering
  • Wireframe Modelling & Editing
  • Solid Modelling & Editing
  • Mesh Modelling & Editing
  • Create 2D Views from 3D Models

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Autodesk Autocad Course Features

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  3. Self-assessment project and Practice at the end of every lecture.
  4. 100% Practical & Industry-level knowledge with Industry tally Expert.
  5. Includes both theory only 20% as well as practical (80%) training.
  6. Duration of the course – 2 Months Daily Batch, 2 Hours