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Google Ads course takes you from the Google Ads basics to advanced concepts. Understand how to conduct different Google Ads campaign experiments using various Google Ads tools. Learn how to distinguish between opportunities available for organic & paid listings. By the end of the course, you will learn how to drive more sales for your business using the Google Ads platform.

Google Ads Course Content

1. Introduction To Paid Marketing

  • What is Pay per Click Marketing
  • Importance & Benefits of PPC
  • Other Pay-Per-Click Providers
  • What is Google AdWords ?
  • How To Setup Google Ads Account
  • How To Setup Billing Details

2. Google Ads Network

  • How Google Ads Works
  • 3 Main Elements In Google Ads
  • Quality Score In Google Ads
  • Google Ads Campaign Structure
  • What Is Campaign, Ad Group, Ads

3. Keyword Research & Forecast

  • Why Keyword Planner
  • How To Use Keyword Planner
  • How To Use Keyword Forecast
  • Understanding Keyword Forecast
  • How To Use Keywords In Google Ads
  • Other Keyword Tracker Tools

4. Bidding Strategy

  • What Is Different Bidding Strategy?
  • Understanding Clicks, Impression
  • Understanding CPC, VCPM, CPV
  • Average Cost, CPA, CPI, Maximize Conversion
  • Automatic Bidding & Manual Bidding

5. Search Network Campaign

  • What Is Search Network Campaign?
  • Importance Of Search Network Ads
  • Creating Campaign, Ad Group, Search Ads
  • Adding Keywords, Targeting ?
  • Bidding Strategy In Google Search Network Ads
  • How To Use Headline Description In Search Network Campaign.
  • Using Ads Preview & Diagnosis
  • Understanding Manual & Automatic CPC

6. Display Network Campaign

  • What Is Display Network Campaign?
  • Where & How To Use Display Campaign
  • Creating Campaign, Ad Group, Responsive Ads, Image Ads
  • Understanding Affinity Audience/In-Market Audience
  • Bidding Strategy In Google Search Network Ads 

7. Remarketing & Conversion

  • Why Remarketing?
  • Types Of Remarketing In Google Ads
  • Create Tag Base, URL Base, Youtube Users Remarketing List
  • What Is Conversion/Event?
  • How To Setup Conversion Tag In Your Website
  • Understanding Cost Per Action (CPA)

8. Video Campaign

  • Creating Youtube Channel & Upload Vidoes
  • Make Link Between Youtube To Google Ads
  • Setup Video Campaign With Remarketing
  • Understanding Different Video Ads Formats
  • Creating Beautiful Video Ads
  • Understanding CPV In Video Ads

9. Performance Max Campaign

  • Learn Where And How To User Performance Max
  • Creating Responsive Performance Ads
  • How To Reach Right Audience For Your Goal
  • How To Show High Quality Performance Max Ads
  • Difference Between Performance Max & Discovery Campaign

10. Discovery & Local Store

  • Creating Discovery Campaign In Details
  • How To Create Local Store With Google Business Page
  • Setup Google Business Page
  • PPC campaign Navigation

11. Shopping Campaign

  • Understanding Google Shopping
  • How To Use Google Merchant Center (GMC)
  • Upload Your Inventory Data To GMC
  • How To Make Link Between GMC To Google Ads
  • How To Setup Shopping Campaign

12. Manager Accounts

  • Learn Manager Account / My Client Center
  • Setup Google Manager Ads Account
  • Link Different Google Ads Accounts In MCC
  • How To Create Multiple User In Google Ads
  • Using Access & Security In Google Ads

13. Mobile App Promotion & Reporting

  • What Is Mobile Marketing
  • How To Make Mobile App Promotion
  • Understanding CPI
  • How To Make Campaign Reports
  • How To Create Custom Reports In Google Ads
  • How To Use Predefined Reports

14. Google Certification

  • Getting Started With Skillshop  With Google
  • Preparation For Search Network Certification
  • Preparation For Display Network Certification
  • How To Add Google Certification In Linkedin Profile
  • Studying Other Exam In Skillshop With Google

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