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Why Your Content Is Not Readable, Not Engageable?

Why Your Content Is Not Readable, Not Engageable By Your Audience?
How To Grab Audience Attention Into Your Content?

It Seems Like Content Is The Only Thing Anyone Can Talk About These Days.
Many Times You Have Read About How “Content Is King” At Least A Dozen Times.
In Fact, 20% Of Business Owners Believe Content Marketing Will Have The Largest Impact On Their Business In 2018.
You May Be Spending An Enormous Amount Of Time And Money As Part Of A Content Marketing Effort, But, If No One Is Reading What You’re Producing, You’re Definitely Not Achieving Your Roi.

You’re Creating Content, But It’s Not Getting You Very Far.
You Write Blog Posts.
You Create Videos.
You Participate In Social Media.
Unfortunately, Creating Content Isn’t Enough To Really Market Your Business.

If You’re Not Getting Results From The Content You’re Creating, It Typically Means You’re Doing Something Wrong.

If You Want To Market Your Business Successfully, You Need To Find Your Errors, Shape Up Your Content, And Start Getting Conversions.

How To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Use 70:20:10 Ratio For Your Content Marketing Strategy

The 70 20 10 Rule For Digital Marketing / Your Website / Your Social Media Can Be Applied To Your Content Marketing Strategy To Help Grow Your Content More Readable And Shareable. Any Business Can Use This Strategy To Grow Their Content Readable But It’s Especially Useful For New Businesses That Need A Kickstart And Isn’t Sure What To Post Or What To Write In Their Blogs.

The Key Is To Master Your Content With The 70-20-10 Rule.
Build Your Brand – 70%
This Part Is Certainly The One That Gets The Creativity Out Of You. Here Is Your Chance To Show Off The Brand Personality, What You Stand For, Your Unique Skills And Of Course, Present Some Fun Moments. When Creating This Type Of Content It Better Be Relevant And Valuable. If It Does, Then You Set Yourself For Success!

With That Being Said Remember To Make Content That Brings Just Enough Information About Your Brand Without Making It Looks Like An Advertisement.

Shared Content – 20% :
Sharing Other Sources Content Can Label You As A Brand That Is Up To Date With Events In Your Industry. Which Means, As Much As It Is Important To Create Great Content, It’s Very Beneficial As A Brand To Share Content As Well.

When You Do So, You Would What It To Be Entertaining And Fun So It’s More Likely To Be Shared By Your Existing Audience Which Leads To More Exposure.

However, Make Sure The Content You’re Sharing Is Relevant To Your Niche, To Keep The Reliability Of Your Brand.

Promotional Content – 10% : 
Let’s Face It, Users On Social Media Are Not Looking To Be Sold In Any Sort Of Way. But They Do Buy A Lot Online. Here’s Where You Need To Be Very Careful About What You Putting Out There. You Would Want To Share Your New Promotion Or Present Your Products, Though When Doing So Don’t Present It Too Hard. Try To Be Chill About It While Offering Your Product Or Services.

Remember, This Part Of The Content Should Be No More Than 10% Of Your Content Strategy.

Following The 70-20-10 Rule In Social Media Has Several Benefits.
This Rule Helps Create A Consistent Social Content Strategy To Keep The Audience Engaged And Growing
It Is A Formula That Can Be Used To Accomplish Difficult Tasks And Can Be Applied To Social Media Marketing Strategies To Help Grow Social Accounts More Efficiently
The 70-20-10 Rule Helps To Tailor Messages To Different Target Groups And Consider Each Social Media Platform’s Unique Audience
It Also Ensures That The Content Is Focused On The Target Audience, Which Is A Critical Component Of Success
By Following This Rule, Businesses Can Create A Posting Calendar That Promotes Their Brand While Being Engaging And Informative4. Finally, The 20% Portion Of The 70-20-10 Model Is Dedicated To Social Learning, Which Is A Key Component Of The Learning Process And Can Be Accomplished Through Mentoring, Feedback, And Peer-To-Peer Learning And Discussion